The Quorum by Kim Newman

A less well known work of Newman’s published in 1994 I picked up in a charity shop some years back.

Essentially, Faust for the 90s.  Three young men sell their souls in 1978 and how it plays out over the years.

Not one of Newman’s better works.  I mainly struggled because the three who made the pack have such similar names (it’s the punch line of how they came to be friends at school) that I couldn’t tell them apart. And everyone was dogpiling on people who were making money in the media, especially on cable TV, at the time, which as a newcomer to the UK I felt was unfair even then.  (Because it was mostly bitching about people not knowing their place).

The demon figure is obviously, even then, a thinly veiled Rupert Murdoch who crawled out of the primordial ooze of the Thames.  Obvious and deserved, but doesn’t really add anything to anything.

Usually if I collect books by an author I will keep even the occasional dud as I am a sad completist.  This is actually going straight to the charity shop.

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