The Boy on the Bridge by MR Carey

Despite the fact that I absolutely adore The Girl with all the Gifts and am in general a huge fan of Mike Carey, I kind of missed the publication of this novel set in the same world.

That’s a world where there’s been a plague which has affected almost all of humanity where a fungus basically turns people into zombies (“hungries”).  In this, a team of scientists, including an autistic 15 year old boy, have been sent out from Beacon, where the remnants of humanity in Britain are gathered, to collect samples placed around Britain by a team that disappeared years earlier.

On top of contending with hungries, they don’t get along well, one of the scientists becomes pregnant in the first weeks of the mission, and their lives are being played with in a power struggle back at Beacon.

Like The Girl with all the Gifts, this is a zombie story that will scare the crap out of you (hungries are fast when they smell prey) but also give you a serious case of All The Feels.  The characters are all complex, real people.  I found this one took longer to get into (Melanie’s story grabbed me right from the start; in this case I think I was over-thinking where it fits in to what we know about this world).

If you haven’t, you should definitely read The Girl with all the Gifts.  And when you have, you should read this.

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