Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean

I read this shortly after it came out – someone lent it to me because I read Sandman.

I impulse bought the 25th anniversary edition in a comic shop a couple years ago because I thought I should revisit it.

I wasn’t really aware of who Dave McKean was the first time around; I have a much better appreciation of his artwork now, and it absolutely stands the test of time.

The rest, not so much.  I keep trying to like Batman-themed stuff, but it always falls flat.  This comes closer because of the haunted-house element, but, well, I didn’t even get all the way through reading the original script with commentary at the back, because I just didn’t care.

Also, note for older visually-impaired folks – Even wearing the right glasses I struggled to read the Joker’s dialogue.

I will be keeping this because of the very pretty pictures, but it was a trip down memory lane I didn’t need.

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