The Old Religion by Martyn Waites

I’ve read two of Martyn’s books where he is writing as Tanya Carver.  They’re perfectly serviceable thrillers but not that special.

I was at an event the other week where Martyn described this book as “Brexit noir meets The Wicker Man”.  Sold!

Tom Killgannon is an ex-cop under witness protection, currently working as a bartender in a remote Cornish village.  One day he lets a young on the run from the local “hippie” (not) commune crash at his house, but she spooks and takes off with his jacket.  Which has all of his new identity in it.  He can’t tell his police handler because of Reasons so he sets out to find the girl, and his ID, himself.

Meanwhile, things in the village are Not Right.  The residents are really focussed on getting the last bit of EU funding to restore the harbour, and some people are decidedly scared.

As things do, these two things turn out to be part of the same mystery and  Tom is stuck right in the middle.

I loved this one, couldn’t put it down.  If you read crime and/or folk horror at all you should really check it out.

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