A Matter of Blood by Sarah Pinborough

A murder mystery, published in 2010 and set about now, in a world after the 2008 crash where Britain went on pretty much exactly the trajectory it did with austerity, etc, only the results are actually worse (give it a few more years, though).  Public services are practically non-existent and the police are all corrupt through necessity, and a shadowy entity called The Bank has its fingers in everything.

DI Cass Jones is juggling two high-profile murder cases, a gangland shooting and a serial killer, when his brother shoots his wife and child and evidence is planted that Cass was at the scene.

It soon becomes apparent that all three cases are related, and that it has something to do with Cass’s family history, which his brother was digging into, and of course The Bank.

This book has most of the elements that annoy me in crime novels – a detective so messed up it impedes the investigation, an over-arching conspiracy, the detective being part of a family thing that’s been going on for generations yet it ties to his case.  etc.

And yet I read it in three days, as close to a single sitting as a busy person with a full time job and other commitments can do.  So to say that Pinborough plots tightly and writes compellingly is an understatement.

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