Time Hunter: The Tunnel at the End of the Light by Stefan Petrucha

I picked this up in a charity shop years ago.  It’s a novella that is apparently part of a series.

In postwar London, an unexploded bomb goes off when the bomb squad mess up and this frees a population of quasi-human beings who have lived underground.  They perpetrate some bizarre murders.

Honoré (who sees people’s past, present and future and whose day job is rendered non-judgementally as “spiv”) and Emily (who has clearly travelled from what is more like our time but has amnesia) are hired by a poet who is convinced these creatures are going to kill him next.  And stuff.

I’m still not sure where the time travel really comes in to this story; it would be much better as a creature feature.  Not very memorable, it’s going right back to the charity shop.

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