Haunted Kilkenny by Cormac Strain

Ghost stories are My Thing.  I pick up the local folklore books just about everywhere I go (or everywhere I can read the local language).  And, as in this case, my family do too.

I have to admit I have a shelf full of unread ones because they tend to not be very well written or edited and all get to be the same after a while.  Haunted Kilkenny is an exception.  The author is a paranormal investigator who knows how to tell a story – he uses long excerpts from emails the people in the story have supposedly sent him, so there is some first person narration, but mainly it’s like stories being told down the pub.  There is some variety in the stories from haunted castle to haunted new build to haunted shack in the country (that one was pretty spooky too).  It probably also helped that I was reading it with an Irish accent.

Above average for this sort of thing.

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