Dinnusos Rises by Tej Turner

Tej read from this at BristolCon Fringe just before it came out; we all laughed out loud and as this wasn’t out yet I purchased the first book in the series, The Janus Cycle.  The Cycle is a series of interlocking narratives by young people who are on the margins of society for various reasons – bad family situations, being queer, transgender, etc. A lot of it was right out of my late teens and  early 20s and the beautiful freaks trying to get by that I encountered (although we never had the supernatural stuff).

Dinnusos Rises is the sequel.  The alternative scene has found a new club, some of the characters have grown up and some have turned out not to be entirely human, and they all still have Complicated Life Stuff going on.  They are brought together when an environmental-anarchist group set up shop in the city (in fact, in one of their squats) and the stakes get a lot higher when people are accused of crimes they didn’t commit, or disappear.  Further growing up and working together has to happen to avoid catastrophe.

This didn’t hit me with all the feels (as the young people say) as much as The Janus Cycle did, but it’s technically the better book, more tightly plotted.  I look forward to reading further works by Tej Turner.

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