I read. A lot. Everything from Charlaine Harris to Tolstoy, and as much non fiction as I can manage. The latter skews heavily towards medieval history, but anything could crop up. I started recording my reading on Livejournal in 2007 but fell out of the habit when my account corrupted early in 2017 and I moved to Dreamwidth, but I’ve missed it.

The rules: If I read it, I write about it. You will soon learn that I have no shame. I read a lot of trash. I also love Pushkin. And Beowulf. But those are hard to read on the bus.

I am involved with the local science fiction and fantasy group so I read a fair few books by people I know. I always provide a disclaimer when the author is someone I go to the pub with.

I don’t always have a lot of time, so some of my reviews will be one-liners.

About me: Lapsed academic (early medieval history in the first incarnation; romantic orientalism in take 2). Crazy rodent lady. Full time freak. Older than dirt.

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